Friday, 26 April 2013

#25 On the peril of Facebook ads

If you're looking for inspiration, you can do a lot worse than read the social media posts of creative, talented friends - e.g. Nick Rawle, whose Facebook musings can be found at

And he's a mighty fine photographer to boot: :)

They got me at last,
By past deeds impaired,
For where it was once bland,
Mad and resistible:
Silk dusky negligées
And dating for the aged,
It's all debonair shoes,
And new lightweight cycles.

I've been framed -
Heuristical statistics
Making a hole in my
Fiscals, wholesale risks
Beckoning bliss
With each bargain click,

Too late to save me,
In a pauper's grave
They'll lay me -
Made of titanium frames
And lined with fine leather,
Headstone engraved with
Caveat emptor...


  1. Hahaha--they really do try to reach us by demographic and what we "like," don't they?

    1. They certainly got Nick - apparently now skint! :)