Saturday, 30 April 2016

2016.18 Conclusion

I've counted them up, and I've already written 33 poems this month.  Between #napowrimo entries, #poetrytogo commissions, random birthday card inserts, and "write me a haiku about having my hair cut" challenges, I've done over the amount required for me to "pass" NaPoWriMo.

And yet.  Yet I've given myself a barrel of grief over not doing it properly.

And luckily, some good people were there to tell me why, in the kindest terms possible, that's just nonsense. Weirdly, it's what I would have told them myself, were the roles reversed.  One to try to remember, eh?

This one's for them/ you:

It's been quite a difficult session,
What with being in thrall of obsession -
It's hard to find time
For good, shorter rhymes,
When you're learning a show - did I mention?

My head's full of timings and edits,
And "Is that how they would have said it?"s,
But if I scribble more,
Quickly ramp up my score,
This might still redound to my credit.

If I stay up 'til late in the night
And tie myself down just to write,
I might feel some pride
And no longer deride
These efforts I deem far too slight.

But you intervened - some of my friends -
And took time to kindly amend
My self-image so low,
Saying "time to let go -
With just one, you've still won, in the end."

See, turns out it's just me who sees failure,
Who's forcibly tucked in my tail, yeah.
I'll stop kicking myself -
It's just bad for my health -
And indulge in some kinder behaviour.

2016.17 Contradiction

Winter stirs the blossom white
Our Springtime warmth is out of sight.
All I dare to hold
Is governed by the cold -
The sun seems far too slight.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

2016.16 Vale of Tears

So, my partner asked me to write her a poem about her (extreme) love of Benedict Cumberbatch and all his works. My other attempt headed off somewhere very dark and archetypal, so I haven't handed that over to her.  Here, instead, is a triolet (because I figured that the repetitive structure suited obsession well...).

I cup the face that sprang from dreaming,
Those cheekbones cold beneath my palm
Soft-bitten lip to stifle screaming
I cup the face that sprang from dreaming,
Those gelid eyes of green unseaming!
The best advice is to stay calm...
I cup the face that sprang from dreaming,
Those cheekbones cold beneath my palm.


Some of you may have noticed that I appear to be skipping numbers. This is because, while I am writing the invisible ones, they're staying unpublished for a variety of reasons.

As you were... :)

2016.13 Selkie

Inspired by the fairytale senryū series and - of course - by #theselkie - a tanka:

Seal's pelt stolen, now
Woman walks in gravity,
Chained to dry land and
Cursing everything except
The innocence born of theft.

Invoking emergency tanka at this stage... And no, of course I'm not writing these all this quickly - they just haven't been typed up from last week(end).

2016.12 Trampoliniste

Another #poetrytogo commission, aided and abetted in the last stretch by @MyriamWordmaker and @AnaisBokanovsky:

Lovely girl, you bring light,
A delight in the arc of limbs
Flinging themselves with precision
Across the sky.

Tu éclaires - avant le sommeil
Les mots dansent,
En pages et dans
Ton esprit pétillant.

Childhood's fripperies are
Giving way, inch by inch
Aux dictionnaires, et au sens pratique,
Activities amid the trees.

Mais, dan la forêt,
Et dans tes rêves,
Never forget - love
Colours everything, mon coeur.

Another Poetry To Go commission, this time for a seven-year-old child of French and English parents who is very active, practical, and creative.

2016.11 Quality Check

I was back in Cardiff to visit family last weekend. This poem turned up on the train back. 

You ask me:
What does it need?
Your tastes run to salty
And I must dodge the
Obvious clichés.

I say: it's lovely, but
It needs a high note
To complete it;
Drip in more of that -
Stir well.

I have compromised everything
And this is the final
Absolution as you,
Unsure but colluding,
Use my father's taste to confirm
What I learned after my mother's parting -
This intercontinental blend
Needs more honey and lemon.