Sunday, 2 April 2017

2017.2 - Article Erasure

This is an erasure poem. Source: full text

Dear, last year,
The Kingdom voted to leave.

As I said: rejection,
an attempt to do harm.
The contrary Kingdom wants to succeed.
Instead, we are leaving,
and we want friends.

Earlier, the Kingdom
confirmed the result of the convincing act.
Today I am writing the decision of the people.
I hereby withdraw,
I hereby withdraw.

This letter should therefore include
the approach of Government to
discussions about the
deep and special partnership
we hope to enjoy once we leave.
(We believe in the interests only of the Kingdom).

In the best interests of the Kingdom
We should process disruption on each side.
We want to remain strong and prosperous
and capable of threats.
We want the Kingdom,
a deep and special partnership,
a strong withdrawal.

The Government wants ambition,
giving citizens third world certainty
as early as possible.

I would like some principles,
but I will be undertaking legislation
that will repeal certainty for citizens
and will consult White businesses.
We will, of course, continue to remain until we leave.

From the start,
we will negotiate one Kingdom,
taking dues of every nation and region.
When it comes, to return powers to the Kingdom,
we will fly on powers to Scotland,
Wales, and Northern Ireland.
But the...
The Government...
The outcome...
This significant increase,

The power...

The Kingdom wants a deep and special withdrawal.
We leave trade security a failure,
In this kind of scenario,
The Kingdom is not the outcome that either side should seek.
We must therefore work hard to that outcome.

We want a deep and special partnership,
taking security, but also because we want to play.
And we want to play.

Looking ahead,
I would like some principles
(as smooth as possible.)

I... We should engage with one spirit.
(Sincere Prime Minister!)
I have listened carefully to you,
and that is why the Kingdom does not seek respect -
there can be no consequences;
we know that we will lose.

We know that rules agreed...
I. I. We should always put our citizens first.
We remember the heart of citizens,
And we aim to strike their rights.

I, I, I.
We want a deep and special partnership.
We will determine fair law,

but we believe in disruption as much as possible.
Investors – want!
Plan order!
Avoid peace!

We want to avoid countries,
to be able to harm the Republic.
We also have to make sure that nothing is done.

(We should prioritise.
Agreeing will be bold and ambitious.
Greater scope covers evolution
of a fair and open environment;
the partnership between us deep, broad, and dynamic.
We should share,

perhaps now more than ever.)

We want to play:
strong and prosperous
and projecting threats.

I want a deep and special partnership,
taking growth.
Protectionist instincts are on the rise.
Likewise: weakening prosperity and protection of our citizens.
The Kingdom’s objectives remain White.

It will be a challenge,
but we believe it is necessary.
We start from trust,
cooperation set back decades.
It is for these reasons
that the task should be beyond us.

(After all, the institutions and the leaders of the Union succeeded in bringing together a continent blighted by war into a union of peaceful nations.)

I know we are capable of departing
a deep and special partnership.

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