Monday, 29 April 2013

#28 My Second Love

Today I attended a workshop for Allographic on writing for children led by Joshua Seigal. One of the exercises was to write a love poem... to our favourite food. We decided that it would count as my NaPoWriMo poem of the day for a variety of reasons. I reckon that declaring it first counts... :) See if you can guess the foodstuff before the end.

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How sweet your salty flesh,
Gathering its temptation to my tongue
On wafts of morning vapours
Or when the hard day's over.
You are undeniable,
Unmistakable, unfakeable.

I have stroked your cool,
Elusive edges til intention
Heats you to a gentle curl.
Expressive, delicious,
The thing most missed
By those who have renounced
Your family's kisses,
But you have cured me
Of my ills.

There is nothing that
You don't complete,
Savoury or sweet,
Neatly cleaved or
Heaved in one slick lick.

Accompanied or solo
Hole-filling you dole out
Comfort on cold nights
A morning delight,
A roadside surprise,
A wonder under blue skies...

Oh, bacon - say you'll stay
Forever mine.


  1. Hee hee - love it. Please write more for 'chuldren'... Like me!